Welcome to http://makethepoint.co.uk

Since its creation in 2016 Make The Point has raised tens of thousands of pounds for our two amazing charities.

The money donated to Tiny Tickers has helped support babies with CHD and train hundreds of medical professionals to diagnose those babies before they even arrive. The money donated to Chicks takes children from the very toughest of situations and gives them memories they will treasure and experiences to build on with the simple experience of a break away from their day to day realities. None of these wonderful things would happen without the support and dedication of our wonderful runners, walkers, hobblers and hopers.

Make the Point is more than just a way to raise money for two amazing causes. Each year we are privileged to watch people achieve their own goals. Some of our competitors are seasoned trail runners. MTP is simply another start line, another medal. Even these keen runners come back knowing that they have completed a real challenge. Its not an easy route, and one that you can’t complete on another day.

For everyone of our running machines there is a competitor for whom making the start line has been a journey. The Make The Pointers for whom this is their first 10k. Who decided to challenge themselves. The 5k warriors who aren’t sure they can manage the full 10 but want to earn their stripes as they reach the top of Sand Point. The finish line of MTP is an emotional, fun, exciting place to be. As we see the successes of those who decided to step up. To get off that sofa, strap on the runners and be a winner. And each and every step helps a child who will really, really benefit.